Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dogs running loose in neighborhood

I know of several incidents in the neighborhood where dogs have either attacked people or roam freely without the owner's taking any responsibility to remain in compliance with County Ordinances pertaining to the proper restraint of their animals. I have one such longstanding problem in my area of the neighborhood and I finally e-mailed Gwinnett County Animal Control yesterday. I had been Calling 911 to get the Police to dispatch an Animal Control Officer every time there was a problem and it seemed to be useless with no response from Animal Control ever taking place as far as I could determine. I receive a reply almost immediately from the supervisor of the Animal Welfare Enforcement Division for Gwinnett County and he indicates calling 770-513-5100 whenever a problem such as this occurs is the route to take and they will "respond to complaints as often as is takes to resolve the situation". (This is the County Communications Dispatch Number). Regardless, if anyone on the security team has similar situations they may want to have this number on hand. Marc McQuary

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