Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dogs running loose in neighborhood

I know of several incidents in the neighborhood where dogs have either attacked people or roam freely without the owner's taking any responsibility to remain in compliance with County Ordinances pertaining to the proper restraint of their animals. I have one such longstanding problem in my area of the neighborhood and I finally e-mailed Gwinnett County Animal Control yesterday. I had been Calling 911 to get the Police to dispatch an Animal Control Officer every time there was a problem and it seemed to be useless with no response from Animal Control ever taking place as far as I could determine. I receive a reply almost immediately from the supervisor of the Animal Welfare Enforcement Division for Gwinnett County and he indicates calling 770-513-5100 whenever a problem such as this occurs is the route to take and they will "respond to complaints as often as is takes to resolve the situation". (This is the County Communications Dispatch Number). Regardless, if anyone on the security team has similar situations they may want to have this number on hand. Marc McQuary

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attempted break-in on Trumble Terr.

Winn Fowler reports- At about 7:00 pm tonight I was standing in my drive way and saw 3 young men walk up Trumble Terrace, past house at 4575, stop at mail box for 4565, then turned back to driveway for 4575, walked though the drive way to the back of the house. I went down to investigate and found them crouched down on the small railed back porch of 4574. The were very quiet, and had flashlights. I then went home, called 911 and reported a possible break-in in progress. Gwinnett police (2 cars, 2 policemen) responded and arrived within 5 minutes of my call. They investigated and the 3 young men had left. I spoke with the police and they appreciated my calling in the event.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Thoughts on Security

Saturday evening 7:10 p.m. Jim and I just had to drive down to the clubhouse to make sure everything was locked up. Before we left I decided to leave some lights on in our house just so when we got home I could think about how criminals might view our house and what they could see. I tried to think like a criminal. I tried to think about what a juvenile might think when he came upon my house with the lights I had left on and one car home, and then I started to think about what a person might think that was planning on doing a home invasion, whether or not their mindset might be different. Maybe they were invited by the number of lights on, what were they thinking? I always remarked that driving around our neighborhood you would see no lights on. When Jim and I first bought this house we were so excited about it that we used to drive out here, 26 miles from our other home, just to drive by the place. During those months we wondered why the front of the houses were always so dark. Once we moved in, we realized that everybody lives in the back part of the house. So, the front of the house could be completely dark and no one would know that you're home. Maybe that's our best defense, the fact that nobody knows whether or not we’re home? Now I believe in the Girl Scout motto "be prepared" so I am constantly thinking of potential scenarios against which to defend. Part of it is because I spent 23 years as a flight attendant and I always needed to discover the exit route. My thinking became focused in that direction and I've always believed there’s a solution or at least something you can do to prevent potential outcomes. So some things that make sense to me are: If you have speed dial on your phone make 911 one of the numbers, keep your phone handy and by your bed at night. If you hear strange sounds in the middle of the night use your car alarm to scare off possible intruders. Keep at least one light in a room at the front of your house on, even if you’re only in the back. Pay attention as you're driving into the subdivision to anybody that's driving behind you, did they follow you up your street and do you recognize the car? Become familiar with your neighbors and the cars they drive. Become familiar with teens that walk your street and say hello. Make your neighbors your friends, were all in this together. Be more aware of your surroundings.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crime Report for Mtn Cv

Gwinnett County Police Department 07-30-08 to 01-30-09 Crime Report #1 080098776 September 25, 2008 16:16 3701 MOUNTAIN COVE RD SW SNELLVILLE 241021/SS 3104 - Marijuana - More Than 1 oz. #2 080102621 October 06, 2008 00:02 4561 HADLEY PL SW SNELLVILLE 241021/SS 7200 - Missing Person/Adult #3 080110297 October 27, 2008 10:00 3841 MOUNTAIN COVE RD SW SNELLVILLE 241021/SS 1611 - Unruly Child #4 090001349 January 05, 2009 15:23 3610 MOUNTAIN COVE RD SW SNELLVILLE 241021/SS 2621 - Motor Vehicle Impound

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gwinnett County arrests


Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunchtime breakins in our area

I received this email this morning after checking with police to see if it's legit - it deserves our attention. Please pass this on to all persons you may know within the Shiloh Cluster. Through communication with others that have had their homes broken into, it appears that the incidents are occurring between 10:00 am through 1:00 pm (during the lunch periods at SHS).It appears that several are occurring at the same time which limits the police department from arriving to homes immediately. Additionally, some of these homes if not all have security alarm systems but due to the police responding to other homes for the same reasons during the same time period, the alarms are being ignored.If you hear alarms going off in your subdivision, please contact the police and look outside your windows to see if you notice any unusual behavior or see anyone that may not live in your area.If you hear dogs barking unusually pay close attention to that as well because if these dogs are anything like mine, they bark even if a vehicle pulls too close to my home that is not a vehicle that comes in my part of the cul-del-sac on a regular basis.Let's pay attention and do all we can to try to stop these incidents from occurring. Additionally, talk to your children, nine times out of ten if it is high school kids...they cannot keep their mouths shut about what they have done and it will leak out who these kids are. If your child knows something please report it to the police.


This blog has been created to increase awareness of criminal activitiy in our neighborhood and provide resources to combat it. Mountain Cove Subdivision is located in Snellville Ga just outside Atlanta. Please post your comments about problems you discover inside our community so we can all be aware of them. Non-emergency police nmber is 770-513-5100