Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unusual cars late at night

Yolanda Anderson our front entrance person told me she saw a white older model pickup truck coming in and out of the subdivision late last night around 1am. It drove out of the subdivision and back in several times. Later a flat bed truck came in and stopped down by our info sign and 2 men got out and went into the woods. She called the non-emergency number to report it. If anyone sees this truck again please call the police 911 number and report it. Today I went down to the pool area to inspect the progress on the pool and a black Honda was sitting in the parking lot. It had one black male in it and he told me he had been there about 10 min. I waited to see if he would leave but he didn't - I sat there for about 20 min. Later today I saw Cathy Hatfield in her yard as asked her to be our lookout since she can see the parking lot from the upstairs of her house and she told me she has seen that black Honda on a number of occasions sitting down there in the parking lot. I asked her to call the police the next time she sees it. Please don't hesitate to call the 911 number if you see something supicious, now that it's getting close to summer with the kids out of school crime might pick up and we need to be vigilant.


This blog has been created to increase awareness of criminal activitiy in our neighborhood and provide resources to combat it. Mountain Cove Subdivision is located in Snellville Ga just outside Atlanta. Please post your comments about problems you discover inside our community so we can all be aware of them. Non-emergency police nmber is 770-513-5100