Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meeting With Our Police Precinct

I stopped at our police precinct the other day to inform them of our security blog so they can keep abreast of our information about subdivision security issues. I met with Sgt. Eisenhower and gave them the web address of our blog and told them about our security team. They were interested and he told me he would give our information to the community outreach team so they could monitor our blog. He stressed the importance of calling 911 if we see something suspicious again, so please don't hesitate to post your comments here and call the police if you see something out of the ordinary. Thanks for keeping your eyes and ears open...we are our first line of defense.

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This blog has been created to increase awareness of criminal activitiy in our neighborhood and provide resources to combat it. Mountain Cove Subdivision is located in Snellville Ga just outside Atlanta. Please post your comments about problems you discover inside our community so we can all be aware of them. Non-emergency police nmber is 770-513-5100